What is BizDir exactly?

Complexity made simple...


- For anybody

The place to discover what’s going on in your area.

At BizDir we publish news, events, offers and other interesting information on a regular basis which we spread over all our social media networks.

Stay up-to- date with offers and events from your favourite businesses.

Subscribe to a business to receive all their latest promotions & events directly into your email account as they occur.

- For businesses

A free business listing website

BizDir allows you to create a free business listing which you can edit at anytime, anywhere which will never expire or be removed without good reason.

A innovative business marketing tool.

Once you upgrade to the “PRO” version you will unlock a whole host of additional features such as a landing page builder, the ability to use a wide variety of forms to collect users data, connecting your social accounts as well as gaining access to a wide range of other services to improve your online presence & reach.

A modern and easy way to obtain new customers.

BizDir has a wide network and we undertake a wide variety of marketing strategies in order to obtain a constant & increasing flow of new users on our site so even selecting only the basic, free listing is going to be beneficial to any business.

A great way to promote products, events and offers.

If you choose our “Pro” version, you will have the ability to create events and offers which you can easily promote through-out our own website. In addition to this you may incorporate email, SMS, messaging, and increasingly many other marketing media methods at your disposal.

A way to advertise special promotions.

As a “Pro” user you will gain access to “customizable, template slots”. These allow you to create a custom template for each different event such as Valentines night, Christmas or New Year. Simply swap them over with a click of a button and a pre-set date, it has never been easier!

Breaking the cultural barrier

We understand that in such a multicultural country like Spain it is sometimes difficult to find the right customers. BizDir makes this easy for you by giving you the ability to select language flags to demonstrate those supported within your business.


- For publishers

Help grow BizDir whilst your business does

Applies to: Newspapers, magazines, marketing companies, marketing freelancers and bloggers.

- For advertisers

Sell your services through us.

Applies to: Radio and TV stations.

- For information centers

We have a offer you can't refuse.

Applies to: Town halls, tourist offices, information centres and event organisers, etc...