The official BizDir Re-launch

Have you heard of BIzDir yet? Either if you have or haven’t, you definitely want to give this post read if you live or work in Spain.

BizDir started off as just a simple business directory back in July 2016, since then we have done some pretty big changes and thought up many future features which we will launch one by one as we progress to expand in the future, some of the biggest changes from the old website and the new one are; New branding & website design, higher quality of products & services offered, BizDir now focuses on local information such as News, Offers, Events and much more.

There are of course many more new things, but you will have to discover them by yourself.

Planning for the near future

For the upcoming year, we have thought up many features that will give you the ability to extend your business’s online potential such as creating Coupons, Offers & Events or ordering a Radio or TV ad directly through your business campaign interface, most of these features & services are already up and running, but we are working on including many more soon.

BizDir will be actively promoting all year round to gain a steady and increasing flow of new visitors to the website and also publish News & interesting articles on a regular basis.

We are here to help

We understand that online marketing might be new & frightening when you have never done any, so we have set up a dedicated team of marketing experts that will be there to help & guide you at every step of the way, so you never walk blind and order services that are not effective in your industry.


If you are still a bit lost or would like to know more about us, why not have a look at the What is BizDir page, or have a look at our features page where we explain most of the things BizDir has to offer for you.

Back to the Blog | Published on 29-04-2017