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Boasting of some of the best beaches around the world and lots of fascinating places to explore, it is no wonder Spain has become the abode of lots of people who love photography. With its awe-inspiring sights, mountain ranges and beaches formed from both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, Spain is ideal if you wish to encounter a lot of diverse exploits.

Are you a Photographer enthusiast?

At BizDir, we engage in different marketing campaigns which require high-quality pictures from professional photographers and picture lovers. If you enjoy taking pictures as a hobby, or you do it as a job, we offer a platform where you can trade in such pictures for different benefits. A simple campaign may involve a photo to design a top banner for an event which occurs annually, a certain location or a tourist attraction.

For anyone who wishes to get involved in this fun experience, we welcome you with open arms. All that is required on your part is that you send a soft copy of your portfolio which will include your full name, email, contact number, and photos you have to share with us. There are certain benefits you will enjoy if your photo is picked. It includes;

  • For locations on the Facebook group, we will post your contact details on the photo on the top banner
  • For locations, there is an interesting links section where we will publish the link to your portfolio so people can view your works
  • When sending our annual emails, we will post your name on our list of best photographers
  • A proper acknowledgment for your hard work with a mention on Twitter

During our discussion with you after your successful application, you will be notified of other entitlements which are not stated above. If you wish to apply, forward the details listed below to photography@bizdir.es:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • What camera do you use presently

We would greatly appreciate that you could also answer these questions

  • Are you a professional photographer or you do it in your leisure time?
  • In a week, how many interesting pictures do you take?
  • How long have you been taking pictures??

Don’t hold back

Do not shy away from gaining recognition for your beautiful works. As long as you enjoy taking pictures, it would be our pleasure to work on various projects with you.

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