Water Cave of Mazarrón in Costa Cálida

The Cueva del Agua is an enchanting water cave in southern Spain, in the village of Isla Plana on the Mediterranean coast.

From the cave entrance on the surface, a steep descent leads to a large open platform 30m deep. A stationary cable reel makes it easy for transporting extensive diving equipment. The widely branched cave system is filled with fresh water with temperatures on the surface of more than 20°C. The view through the water is normally crystal clear, unless it is clouded by turbulent sediments.

The cave system is a labyrinth of galleries, siphons and partial water-free chambers that have been explored for more than 30 years. This dive site is considered one of the most interesting and dangerous in Spain.

During it's time several experienced cave divers have sadly lost their lives deep within its chambers, which is testified by memorial plaques at the surface of the cave. 

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Streeview of Water Cave of Mazarrón

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