Sierra Espuña in Costa Cálida

The Sierra Espuña mountains offer some of the most spectacular landscape in the area and is home to the densest trees, natural wildlife, and vegetation in the Murcia Region. 

Walking, Hiking, Exploring Caves, Bird Watching, Cycling, Quad Biking, Kayaking, and discovering ancient ruins are just some of the options available to curious adventurers in the area. There are also numerous bars and restaurants tucked away in the mountain to find refreshments. 

The Regional Park of Sierra Espuña was one of the first protected natural spaces in the region, supported by the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism, CETS.

The Tourist Center and Management HQ Ricardo Codorníu takes its name from the engineer in the 19th century who reforested the mountain range.

It has a reception area and a wealth of environmental information for the area including maps, a room of projections and a hall of exhibition. Be sure to check in before setting out on your adventures. 

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Streeview of Sierra Espuña

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