Santuario de Santa Eulalia de Merida in Costa Cálida

Just 7 kms. of the population of Totana, in the foothills of Sierra Espuña, this magnificent seventeenth century sanctuary was rebuilt on a previous one, erected in 1574.

The highlight of it are tempera paints completely covering its interior walls, made by the painter Juan Ibáñez, between 1601 and 1624.

On the side walls are scenes relating to the life of Jesus and Mary and various saints; but the most interesting part is the chorus, which shows the oldest paintings, in whose center is the Virgen del Carmen rescuing souls in purgatory; most peculiar are 16 surrounding scenes, where different miracle that took place in the chapel is. also highlights the magnificent wood paneling and baroque dressing room, which houses the image of Santa Eulalia.

Under the dressing room we can visit the grotto in which tradition took flight a dove symbolizing the Holy soul. If we have time, from the sanctuary itself depart two paths; one from the atrium of the chapel, which leaves us about 600 meters on the statue of the Virgen Blanca, from where a magnificent panorama.

We also have the option to climb up the hill Balcony, crowned by a statue of the Sacred Heart, we access from the junction of the road to Aledo; We can go by car, but it's nicer to walk through the kilometer and a half way, marked by all carved in stone of the 14 Stations of the Cross.

The sanctuary has a large free parking. The visit is free and the opening hours are from 10 to 14 and 16 to 18 hours in winter and 10 to 14 and 17 to 20 hours in summer. The last Sunday of each month, a craft market is held by the sanctuary.

Annex to the sanctuary we find a hotel-restaurant.

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