Salto del Usero in Costa Cálida

The City of Bullas limits access to the popular bathing area on the river Mula to avoid degradation of the environment

I think that Bullas is setting a good example this summer of what a city council can do to manage public use in a natural space: take a step forward and take decisions, in this case limiting 150 people a day access to the Salto del Usero , The natural pool of the river Mula that has suffered for years a flood of visitors, unfortunately many of them disrespectful with such a fragile and valuable environment.

When it is normal to throw the dead to the Autonomous Community or the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura, the local corporation has taken the initiative with the Municipal Ordinance for the Protection of Natural Spaces of the Upper Basin of the River Mula, which has the support of The Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment.

For those who do not know the Salto del Usero: this is a beautiful waterfall located about four kilometers from the town center of Bullas where the water of the river is remansa in large pools. Bathing there is a pleasure, but the invasion of this area in recent years has endangered its natural values. Garbage left by dozens of people planting umbrellas, tables and chairs, river bed turmoil, loud music and the problems of overcrowding have forced the City Council to "establish control standards to ensure the protection of this space ", Explains the Councilor for the Environment, Juan Valera.

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