Pools of Somogil in Costa Cálida

The pool of the Baths of Somogil, is in Moratalla very near the camping of the Door.

This fluvial environment of the Puerta, is perhaps the best preserved and wild of the interior of the Region of Murcia, with its sickles, cut, forest of riverside, jumps and waterfalls.

In this pool two streams of water converge. A superficial one, the cold one, that contributes the jet of the stream Hondares from its distant birth; And another underground, the hot one, that springs from the interior of a deep aquifer to 26º taking advantage of a fault in the limestone rock.

Two natural faucets: cold and hot, as in a spa but in nature, outdoors, surrounded by trees in an incomparable setting. On the surface of the water is visible the bubbling that produces ascending from the bottom of the pool.

Two natural faucets: the cold and the hot, you can check for yourself if you immerse yourself in this pool.

The pool remansa both waters, ideal for a relaxing and invigorating bath. A natural luxury within reach of anyone.

The baths of Somogil have existed since time immemorial, ruins in the surroundings are witnesses of an earlier stage. There was a time when the neighbors of Moratalla went to bathe, keeping separate shifts between men and women, which a watchman marked with a trumpet. Now, despite their abandonment and scarce conditioning, they are an ideal place for all to enjoy the playful use of water. However, there was a time when it was not so, because a well of extraction of water left dry the birth of hot springs when the aquifer was leached that fed it.

Now the well has moved lower and the waters of the baths again delight everyone. And it is that the water, as the Arabs taught us, and before the Romans did not only serve to irrigate the lands, also waters the bodies.

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