Old Haunted Santorium, Sierra Espuña in Costa Cálida

A place far between leafy forests ... a gigantic abandoned building of endless and dark corridors ... a past like antituberculous preventorium and orphanage ... legends, rumors, strange noises in the middle of the night. All the necessary ingredients for the Sierra Espuña Sanatorium to be one of the most visited places by lovers of the unknown in Spain.

The building consisted of basement, ground floor, first and second floor, but later were built apart the house of the concierge, parking garages, stables, corpses, burial grounds and an aqueduct to collect water.

The refectory operated as a sanatorium until 1962 and was also used as a hospital that served the towns of the surrounding areas. The advance of medicine and the discovery in 1949 of streptomycin, caused that the diseases that were treated there diminished considerably and little by little, the almost 200 beds of the sanatorium were empty. On May 10, 1962, the last patients are transferred to the Hospital of Albacete and the antituberculous Sanatorium of Murcia, in Sierra Espuña, officially closes its doors.

After a short period of time closed, it is rehabilitated as a home school for disadvantaged children and later, in the 80's a heavy investment is made and a part of the building is restored in order to use it as a youth hostel. Finally, in 1995, for its unsustainable budget, it definitively closes its doors.

Old Haunted Santorium, Sierra Espuña Comments