Murcia Cathedral in Costa Cálida

The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Murcia (Spanish: Iglesia Catedral de Santa María en Murcia), is a grand building in the heart of the city of Murcia. It is also the only cathedral in use in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cartagena.

When the Christian King, Jaime I conquered the city, in spite of the existing pact with the Muslims that prevented the destroying of any mosque, king Jaime consecrated the Great Mosque to the Virgin Mary, as it was his custom to offer a mass to Our Lady whenever he conquered a new village.

The construction of the great cathedral we see today begun in the 13th century, in the same place where the mosque once stood. 

The interior is mainly Gothic. It is made up of three naves with an apse and twenty-three chapels. The chapels are dedicated to the patron saints of the labor unions and to the burials of the bishops and nobles that fomented or collaborated with the construction of the cathedral. 

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