Monteagudo Castle in Costa Cálida

The castle sits on top of a hill and is in excellent condition. The archaeological remains that have been found date from the Moorish period.

After the city of Murcia was founded in 825, the castle was used as a fortification and probably also a prison. Farmers stored grain there and it had large wells for the garrison.

The walls are made of solid rammed earth and mortar, and the floor adapts to the terrain and is divided into two terraces at different heights.

On the southern flank we can see several wells, granaries and other rooms. When the castle was taken over by the Christians, it kept its strategic nature and was included as part of the Crown of Castile.

After the Kingdom of Murcia was established, it became a border castle between the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile, until the 15th century.

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Streeview of Monteagudo Castle

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