Mining park of the Union in Costa Cálida

The mines of the Sierra de La Union still smell of carbide and saltpeter, although they have been closed for decades.

Their wealth was already valued at the time of the Romans, who had 40,000 slaves there and extracted money worth 25,000 drachmas per day. The mining fever caused a spectacular resurgence of the region in the interwar years, to the point that the Union was known as the New California.

After those days of misery and hard work for some and fast enrichment for others, the sierra today offers some of the most beautiful arid landscapes of Murcia.

Two paths allow you to cross it and appreciate the scenery of bocaminas, dumps and castilletes. Some is the dirt track that connects the Llano del Beal with the road from Los Belones to Portman.

The other is the asphalted road that runs between Portman and Escombreras bypassing one of the most spectacular open-air exploitations.

Both lead to the heart of a Martian landscape created by man.

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