Cova de l'Aigua in Costa Blanca

One of the typical recommended walking routes in Denia and although everything I have read is marked as low difficulty, the truth is that during the first 1300 meters is effectively when walking on an old unpaved road quite comfortable.

However, the last three hundred meters or so that run through a small winding and narrow road between bushes become a crack. Aside from the constant climb that is not very pronounced although with small stones that endanger the balance, the worst is the natural steps that have to be saved and in the end pass bill in the knees.

To finish the final ten or fifteen meters are made up of quite pronounced artificial steps that if you suffer vertigo can be even a little dangerous since to the right they leave a considerable fall. As I have read, a few meters from the entrance there is a Roman inscription protected by a fence.

Indeed the gate exists, but the Roman inscription at least we were unable to see it, although yes, you can see numerous recent inscriptions quite unfortunate from the people who have arrived at this place.

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