Aqualandia in Costa Blanca

When it comes to having fun in the sun, there are few water parks that can compete with Aqualandia. Simply, when selecting an activity for your holiday, weekend, or day off, it’s important to find an event or location that doesn’t leave you and your friends or family feeling trapped and confined in a location void of entertainment. Fortunately, Aqualandia is most certainly not one of those places, for within Aqualandia’s vast 150,000 square metre grounds are flourishing gardens, impeccable rides, restaurants and dining options, picnic areas, shops, lockers, and more. Needless to say, you’ll never be void of options, and you’ll likely complete your day at the park wishing you had just a few more hours to spend there!

One simple aerial view of the park will reveal a campus of sparkling blue water and vast amounts of foliage. Even better, when standing at the top of some of the park’s tallest rides, you’ll notice beautiful city views stretching across the landscape. How many water parks are able to blend water, foliage, and city views into a singular, breathtaking experience? In this regard, Aqualandia certainly stands out among regional and global competition.

Whether you are visiting the park as adults or bringing along children, Aqualandia has rides and entertainment for everyone, with rides and activities classified based on ride intensity. Rides are classified as ‘infantile,’ ‘moderate,’ or ‘radical’ attractions, indicating the park’s dedication to all ride preferences and age groups.

One favorite ride among attendees is ‘Verti-Go,’ which boasts a vertical drop that allows you, the rider, to reach speeds of 100 km/h on average. However, if such steep drops aren’t your ‘cup of tea,’ then perhaps you’ll find your home in Laguna or Adventureland—two park areas ideal for children—which boast trampolines, bridges, fountains, and small-scale slides. Alternatively, ‘Niagara,’ acts as the park’s vacation spot of sorts, resembling an oasis from the most idyllic scene of a movie. With its beach, crystal clear waters, caves, and waterfalls, you’ll be able to find your much-needed relaxation at Aqualandia if those intense rides don’t align with your interests. Simply, Aqualandia ensures that if this it is your child’s first time visiting a water park, or if you are not the biggest fan of intense park attractions, you’ll still be able to enjoy your day in the sun.

With a vast wave pool, countless tubes and slides built for tubing, sliding, and riding, and a lazy river with twists and turns—all built into the hills—you simply cannot go wrong with this water oasis that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.


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