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I would like to welcome you to my purpose-built studio where I am offering a professional service in all aspects of semi-permanent make-up. Based in the Mazarròn area for 11 years, my goal has always been to give a personal one-to-one service in this specialised treatment range. Situated in a quiet location on the Camposol Urbanisation, my newly refurbished studio is modern in design, air conditioned for your comfort and fully compliant with the health and safety requirements of Murcia.

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This cosmetic tattooing technique creates hair like strokes to give the appearance of full, yet beautifully natural brows. Anyone who has sparse or non-existent eyebrows would benefit from this procedure.

Using a hand tool, tiny cuts are meticulously made into the upper dermis of the skin in the direction of the natural hair growth. At the same time implanting pigment to mimic real hairs, resulting in a very natural finish.

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Unlike microblading this method requires a digital tattooing machine to create a powdered brow effect. Instead of hair strokes the final result is a filled-in full brow. Suitable for clients who prefer a bolder, statement brow.


Say goodbye to smudging, running and panda eyes. This procedure is swim-proof, shower- proof and gym-proof. More defined eyes make a difference to your whole face, but creating this effect with ordinary make up can be difficult and time consuming. A semi-permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution, giving you results that stay put and don’t need to be removed every night or carefully applied every morning.


Restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips. A tint is selected from a range of shades, to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite lipstick.


Lash extensions provide thickness and length to enhance the appearance of the eyes. Whether its for a special occasion or everyday wear, I can provide a look to suit all individual ages and needs.

Using a special adhesive, synthetic lashes are attached individually to each natural lash to create a fuller and longer appearance. The treatment time is around 1 1/2 hours and a topup treatment is recommended every 3-4 weeks.


Q: How long does it last?

A: This varies depending on various factors. External factors: The colour and density of the chosen pigment, exposure to UV light, tanning without sun protection. Internal factors: Client's individual health and physiology. Some people retain pigment better than others. Generally, a touch-up treatment is required every 12-18 months.

Q: Who benefits from cosmetic tattooing?

A: - People who don't want to spend time or cannot apply make-up. People who enjoy sports, swimming and the beach. People suffering from alopecia or hair loss from medical treatment. People who have bad eyesight and have trouble applying make-up. Anybody who has sparse or uneven eyebrows.

Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: The treatment is carried out over 3 appointments: 1. Consultation and patch testing. 2. Depending on the chosen treatment, the second appointment can last from 1-2 hours. 3. The final appointment (4-6 weeks later) is to perfect any colour or shape irregularities.

FAQ cont

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Everyone has different levels of pain threshold so it does vary from person to person. Generally, a little discomfort is to be expected during the first 5-10 minutes until the area has been numbed sufficiently

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes, very. All needles, blades, caps, tubes and casings (anything that comes into contact with the client’s skin) are sterile, sealed, single-use and disposable. The studio is clean, hygienic and compliant with the regulations required by the Murcia Health Department. Although allergic reactions are very rare, a patch test is carried out prior to treatment.

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