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Condado golf breaks offer discount golfing rates and fully comprehensive packages for people / groups interested in playing golf in this spectacular region. We can also provide great rates on accommodation within the resorts and arrange transport for any size party. Condado is home to many golfing events any time of year, due to the spectacular weather. The golf course offers five Great Lakes, original circular tees, wide fairways and fast greens personally designed by Jack Nicklaus.

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We have access to numerous Holiday Apartments and are equip to cater to any size groups or bookings. Condado de Alhama is the perfect setup for a Golfing trip away or Family Holiday.

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Private or group transportation can be arranged for you by our team. There are many superb golf courses and destinations to explore in this region. We can pre-arrange and make sure you have easy access to all your choice locations.

Our Amazing Golf Holes

Hole 1

The course begins with this dogleg-right par 4. From there golfers can play an approach shot around the greenside bunker into this shallow green that slopes from left-to-right.

White 391
Yellow 337
Blue 334
Red 285
Par 4
Handicap 14

Hole 2

The tee shot on this hole plays from an elevated tee giving players a scenic view of this beautiful hole. The entire left side of the fairway is guarded by sand and native vegetation while a single fairway bunker frames the right side of the fairway.

White 411
Yellow 353
Blue 329
Red 298
Par 4
Handicap 3

Hole 3

The first par 3 three plays over a large sandy area to a green protected by three bunkers. The green is very deep and could add a club to the player’s tee shot depending on the day’s pin location.

White 203
Yellow 182
Blue 142
Red 91
Par 3
Handicap 18

Hole 4

A large lake runs all the way from the tee to the green on this par 5. While this will be a three-shot hole for most players, those wanting to take a gamble at the green in two shots will find the best angle from the left side of the fairway along the bunkers.

White 505
Yellow 447
Blue 438
Red 377
Par 5
Handicap 6

Hole 5

The tee shot on this hole is played over another lake to a severely sloping fairway guarded by fairway bunkers on the right. Golfers will find the best view and angle for the short uphill approach shot from the left side of the fairway.

White 377
Yellow 338
Blue 325
Red 280
Par 4
Handicap 8

Hole 6

The very long sixth hole is one of the most challenging holes on the course. Confident players should try to hit their tee shot over the ridge on the left side of the fairway.

White 433
Yellow 379
Blue 356
Red 324
Par 4
Handicap 4

Hole 7

Players will find another strong test at this long par three. The downhill tee shot to this green is played over another large sandy area.

White 212
Yellow 185
Blue 150
Red 133
Par 3
Handicap 16

Hole 8

Sand is everywhere on this exciting short par-four. Golfers playing down the right side of the hole will have to avoid several bunkers but will be rewarded with a shorter approach shot.

White 391
Yellow 350
Blue 330
Red 297
Par 4
Handicap 12

Hole 9

The front nine finishes with this reachable downhill par five. Golfers that can carry their tee shot over the bunkers on the left side of the fairway will be rewarded with a strong kick forward making the green much more reachable.

White 515
Yellow 450
Blue 435
Red 386
Par 5
Handicap 2

Hole 10

This downhill tee shot plays over a large lake to an undulating fairway framed by a series of bunkers. Players can challenge the lake and try position their shot on the left side of the fairway resulting in a shorter approach shot.

White 404
Yellow 360
Blue 326
Red 297
Par 4
CP/S.I. 13

Hole 11

This downhill par 3 is very beautiful but can be very dangerous. The tee shot is played over the large lake to a peninsula green. The green is very large and receptive but it is protected by two bunkers.

White 179
Yellow 159
Blue 133
Red 116
Par 3
Handicap 9

Hole 12

The tee shot on this dogleg-right hole is played to a very wide fairway. Long shots carrying the bunker on the right will be rewarded with a strong kick forward and the best angle into the green.

White 412
Yellow 360
Blue 348
Red 316
Par 4
Handicap 7

Hole 13

A large lake guards the left side of this dogleg-left par five. Brave players that challenge the lake by hitting their tee shot down the left side of the fairway will have the best chance to hit this green in two.

White 488
Yellow 442
Blue 437
Red 380
Par 5
Handicap 5

Hole 14

The tee shot on this long par 4 sets up differently than others at Alhama. The tee shot is partially blind and is played between two large mounds.

White 422
Yellow 367
Blue 358
Red 308
Par 4
Handicap 3

Hole 15

Golfers are again asked to make a choice on this downhill par 4. A series of bunkers cuts into the landing area on the right.

White 360
Yellow 332
Blue 318
Red 287
Par 4
Handicap 15

Hole 16

Golfers should save their best tee shots for this extremely long par 5. The long journey to this green must negotiate two series of cross bunkers that separate the landing areas.

White 582
Yellow 501
Blue 491
Red 444
Par 5
Handicap 1

Hole 17

The final par 3 on the course features a downhill tee shot to a small well-protected green. Three bunkers guard this narrow green and demand accurate approaches. The green features some interesting subtle movement sure to complicate putts.

White 197
Yellow 173
Blue 158
Red 120
Par 3
Handicap 17

Hole 18

Players finish their round on the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course at Alhama on this dogleg-left par 4. A lake protects the left side of the fairway while a collection of bunkers frames the right side of the landing area.

White 402
Yellow 344
Blue 333
Red 295
Par 4
Handicap 11

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